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August 14, 2007

Lemaricus Davidson: His face glows with the aurora of the Christ

lemaricus_britney_remix1.jpg“The only way he’d be more popular is if he’d robed, raped & killed Britney Spears” Kirkland Perkins


“It’s been 7 months since he’s held it, but the #1 spot is his again.
Bumping Savannah, Georgia’s legendary slave avenger, Michael Thorpe, to the #2 position and his own brother, Letalvis Cobbins into 3rd place, Knoxville’s Lemaricus Davidson, the man whose face glows with the aurora of the Christ, is America’s Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon!
“He already had a legnthy record and noteable thug reputation,” a source from within the Knoxville District Attorney’s office who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.
“So, the alleged robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder of Channon Christian and sodomy of her alleged boyfriend Christopher Newsom, were huge notches under his belt.”
In an attempt to quell Davidson’s local popularity and growing national celebrit(ism) emerging in many urban communities, state prosecutors announced plans to prosecute the sexy ringleader in the fatal double carjacking case third on the trial list and lead the prosecution of the case against them with his, also sexy, younger brother, Letalvis Cobbins.
Cobbins, who recently held possession of the #1 position in Kirkland Perkins Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition for three consecutive weeks, is also enjoying a great deal of new ghetto celebrity from the January carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder he is charged in.

“Davidson has managed to fuse his brash thuggism with a new spirituality that embraces elements of Islam, Yacub 7 Ali Sun Worship and Tupac Shakur.
“He’s arrogant but approachable.
“Everybody wants a chance to talk to him.
“When you pass by him it’s hard to look at him. There’s so much light. 

“His face glows with the aurora of the Christ.”


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